What is SigmaPage?

SigmaPage is a fast, secure, web-based paging system to reach physicians. With SigmaPage, nurses and administrators in healthcare facilities such as hospitals:

  • Do not have to remember, store or look up physicians' contact info (pagers, cell phones)
  • Do not have to make phone calls to answering service
  • Do not have to look up schedules to see who is on call

From, nurses, administrators and patients can search and locate physicians and page them within a matter of seconds.

Administrators in group practices and hospitals can use SigmaPage to create and maintain an on-call schedule using a powerful On Call Scheduling (OCS) system. Some practices may have multiple physicians and may need to provide coverage at multiple hospitals and in different sections within the same hospital. Such practices can track and change schedules on demand and in real time for many physicians easily using the OCS.
Benefits of SigmaPage over traditional paging
  • Provide the power and flexibility to the nursing staff of paging the physician directly
  • Find physician in a matter of seconds without looking up directories
  • If the physician you are looking for is not on-call, SigmaPage will show the covering physician
  • Page the physician within seconds without using the phone through On-Call Paging (OCP)
  • Talk to the physician directly without knowing their number
  • Provide additional optional details such as name of the patient and the reason for paging
  • Eliminate dependency on third party (Paging/Answering service, Unit Clerks etc) to page the physician
  • No physician contact information is required or disclosed during the entire proces

Benefits of SigmaPage to physicians and Group Practices/Hospitals

  • Pay a fixed low cost for any number of pages
  • Physicians can receive pages on any preferred device: Blackberry, iPhone, Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Pager, etc.
  • On Call Scheduling (OCS) system
    • Very easy to schedule even complex call schedules
    • Provides utmost flexibility and scheduling power
    • Eliminates paging errors and annoying phone calls/pages
    • Gives you full control over the schedule at all times through a password protected secure site
    • Eliminates need to maintain paper schedules, annoying revisions and faxing to physicians and Answering Service
    • Frees up your time to do value added work
  • You can give access to limited web-based paging to patients, pharmacists, family members and TPO without compromising security
  • Eliminate need to route phone calls through the Group Practice office
  • Eliminate your expensive (and sometimes inefficient) answering service
  • Set up your Practice Profile once and for all and track/edit schedules on as needed basis
  • Add/Edit/Delete physicians as and when necessary
  • Cater to unique requests by physicians such as vacation time or few hours off quickly without compromising call coverage
  • Get a snapshot of call coverage at all times
  • Schedule call coverage for many healthcare facilities
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