Privacy Policy

SigmaPage, Inc. (“SigmaPage”) values your privacy.  This statement will describe the steps that SigmaPage has taken to protect your privacy.

SigmaPage will only use your personal information for limited purposes.  These will include for the purpose of administering this website, providing you access to the website, publishing your information, where necessary, on the website, supply to you the services that you have purchased, send you invoices, to collect payments, and/or for any legal purposes or proceedings.

SigmaPage will take any and all reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the theft, loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information in any manner.  For example, SigmaPage will store all personal information on secure servers.   Also, any and all electronic transactions made via this website will be protected by encryption technology.  Similarly, names, contact information, and other related information of physicians, administrators and other registered users, may, at the option of the user, be prevented from being displayed to users of the website and its services.

SigmaPage, from time to time, may update this privacy policy without notice.  Please regularly view this page to see any updates.

This website may contain links to other websites.  SigmaPage is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites.

SigmaPage is also not responsible for the privacy policies of your physician, physician practice, hospital, administrator, registered users or other related individual or service.

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